John Nez / About Me:

I've illustrated and written more than 60 books, from picture books to historical folk tales.

I draw mostly in a whimsical style with the hope of conveying lots of feeling... happy, sad, sneaky, mad, hopeful, afraid... whatever. I'd guess that's about the main point of any illustration.

I work in a both real and digital mediums. The combination of traditional and digital mediums combines the best of art and science.

After getting my degree in English, I decided to become a children's book artist, so I moved to New York City to go to Parsons.

Art school only lasted one quarter. But I did get to take a class with Maurice Sendak.

I already had a portfolio to show, so I started freelancing in New York City.

I've been making books ever since.

My uncle, Edwin Schmidt, inspired me to become an illustrator. He had a great career as an illustrator and even did some Little Golden Books. He lived in a beautiful house in Valley Forge outside of Philadelphia.

After 5 years in New York, I moved back to Seattle, where I enjoy the wonders of the Northwest with my family.

In case you're curious, the surname Nez is the americanized version of the original Slovenian name Knez. And Knez is a common translation of "prince" in Croatian and Serbian literature, or so I'm told.

And I thought it was just short for 'Knave'.

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