A Twin Is to Hug

Illustrated by John Nez

by Bonnie Ashburn

Abrams - 2019


Amazing Autumn, Wonderful Winter, Surprising Spring, Sweet Summer

4 books Illustrated by John Nez

by Jennifer Marino Walters

Red Chair - 2016

Give Please a Chance,
Give Thank You a Try

2 books with illustrations by John Nez

by James Patterson

Jimmy Patterson Books
2016 - 2017

Danny Dinosaur -
School Days

HarperCollins - 2017

Illustrated by John Nez

Illustrations in the
style of Syd Hoff

Stella... Almost

Illustrated by John Nez

by Willy Blevins

Red Chair - 2015


Spot Saves the Day

by Louise A. Gikow

The Cranksville Cookout

by Maureen Hunter-Bone

Illustrated by John Nez

Pearson - 2014

*ISBN: 978-13330-105-2



Peter Panda Melts Down!

Illustrated by John Nez

written by Artie Bennett

Blue Apple Books - 2014

*ISBN-13: 9781609054113


Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile:
What a sweet little book. Peter Panda may be having a melt down, but I've never seen one look so cute! If it isn't already obvious, it was the illustrations that initially made me want to check out this book. Kudos to Jon Nez!

School Library Journal:
As for the artist John Nez, I like his style. Besides which, it’s just a lot of fun to watch a panda have a tantrum. I don’t know why, but it is!

Good Reads With Ronna:
Peter Panda’s typical toddler reactions are funny. Part of the reason is because of John Nez’s expressive illustrations. They’re not over the top and they’re not too simple, they’re just right.




Mouse's Christmas Cookie

Illustrated by John Nez

written by Patricia J. Thomas

Two Lions - 2013





Mousey the Explorer

Piggles Goes to School

Written & Illustrated
by John Nez

Interactive Touch Books

My own interactive e-book apps, filled with interactive sounds, animations, puzzles, art and music activities.

I was the actor, writer, producer and director. I did the design, lighting, costumes, action, choreography and special effects and animation. So much fun!

Diary of a Worm

Teacher's Pet & Nat the Gnat

Ghost illustration
by John Nez for Tom Bliss

Harpercollins 2013 & 2014


The 12 Days of Christmas in Washington

Written & Illustrated
by John Abbott Nez

Sterling Publishing 2011

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5


The Dancing Clock

by John Abbott Nez

Tiger Tales Publishing 2011

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5

Cromwell Dixon's Sky-Cycle

Written & Illustrated
by John Abbott Nez

G.P. Putnams 2009

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5


School Library Journal:
Young inventors as well as aviation aficionados will be intrigued. This fictionalized account is a great example of the importance of determination, derring-do, and imagination.
– Barbara Elleman, Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art, Amherst, MA

The detailed watercolor paintings with tremendous kid appeal take readers back in time with a delightful depiction of early-twentieth-century America. This picture book is a nice choice to introduce the genre of historical fiction to children.

Kirkus Review:
A fine tribute to teenage inventors everywhere. "Dare to dream" is the clear message here.

• ISBN-10: 0399250417
• ISBN-13: 978-0399250415










One Smart Cookie

Written & Illustrated
by John Abbott Nez

Albert Whitman 2006

*A Scholastic Book Club Selection

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5



School Library Journal:
The colorful and whimsical illustrations are quite good, reminiscent of the work of Diane deGroat and Marc Simont.

Quickly paced and high-spirited, the engaging story is illustrated by cheerful illustrations with bright colors and lively details that offer plenty for nonreaders to look at while the story is read aloud.

• ISBN-10: 0807560995
• ISBNSBN-13: 978-0807560990

The Dragon Painter

by John Abbott Nez

Usborne 2009

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5



The Grandma Cure

by John Nez

Dutton Books 2003

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5





Otto and the Birdcharmers

Illustrated Cover
by John Nez

Holiday House 2009

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5




Kane Press Books

by John Nez

Kane Press - 2000-2009


Daisy Diaz Shakes Up Camp
New Dog in Town
No Money? No Problem!
Pet Peeves
Bubble Trouble
The Creeping Tide




The Little Plumpkins

A Peek-a-boo Board Book

Licensed characters
created by John Nez

Random House 1996

*ISBN: 978-1-4027-7068-5


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A detailed list of my books:

A Twin Is to Hug - Bonnie Ashburn - Abrams, 2019
Give Thank You a Chance - James Patterson - Little Brown - 2017
Give Please a Chance! - James Patterson - Little Brown - 2017
Amazing Autumn!, Wonderful Winter, Surprising Spring, Sweet Summer - Red Chair 2016

Teddy the Dog Almost Best in Show -
Kari Boyle, HarperCollins 2015
Teddy the Dog - Kari Boyle, HarperCollins 2015
Stella... Almost - Willy Blevin, Red Chair 2015
Let's Talk Money -
Mondo Publishing 2015
The Cranksville Cookout -
Pearson 2014
Spot Saves the Day - Pearson 2014
Peter Panda Melts Down!
- Blue Apple Books, 2013
A Diary of a Worm- illustrated by John Nez - ghost illustration for Harry Bliss - Harpercollins
The 12 Days of Christmas in Washington - written & illustrated by John Nez - Sterling, 2011
The Dancing Clock -
Steve Metzger, Tiger Tales, 2011
Squids & Pickles - Jeff Dinardo, Red Chair
Cromwell Dixon's Sky Cycle -
written & illustrated by John Nez - G.P. Putnams Sons
One Smart Cookie -
written & illustrated by John Nez - Albert Whitman
The Grandma Cure - Dutton
The Dragon Painter - Usborne
Pet Peeves! - Kane Press
My Cherry Tree -
written and illustrated by John Nez - Montessori Korea
No Money? No Problem! - Kane Press
Bubble Trouble - Kane Press
The Creeping Tide - Kane Press
Easter Surprise - Putnams
Tightwad Tod - Kane Press
Gotcha! - Kane Press
Tabby Tiger Taxi Driver - Wright Group
ABC God's Noisy Alphabet - Concordia
Friendship Hotlinks - Putnam
My Own Pages / Journal 2000 - Highlights for Children
Mother Goose Rhymes - Usborne
The Three Little Pigs - Golden
Little Plumpkins Hide & Peek - original licensed characters by John Nez- Random House
Look For Boats - Golden
The Gingerbread Man - Golden
Goldilocks & the Three Bears - Golden
Cars & Trucks, Airplanes & Things That Fly - Golden
Tabby Tiger's Treasure - The Wright Group
Rock a Bye Bible - Usborne
The Itsy Bitsy Spider - Putnams
The Super Smile Shop - The Wright Group
Mr. Bitter's Butter - The Wright Group
A Merry Muppet Christmas - Jim Henson Associates
Henry & Teresa's Race - Golden
That's A Fact!, That's A Fact, Too! - Random House
A Word of Two With You, Eve Merriam - Atheneum
School & Me - Holt
Frog's Snowy Day - Golden
My First Book of the Planets
- Golden
Baby Brown Bear's Big Bellyache - Western Publishing
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? - Western Publishing
Amazing Rockets - Western Publishing
Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? - Western Publishing
Where in Europe Is Carmen Sandiego? - Western Publishing
Favorite Christmas Carols -
Marvel Books
The Tortoise and the Hare -
Golden Books
Western Publishing
Count to Ten -
Western Publishing
My First Book of the Planets -
Golden Books
The Itsy Bitsy Spider -
Checkerboard Books
Three Little Pigs -
Golden Books
Mother Goose Rhymes -
Golden Books
Henry and Theresa's Race -
Golden Books
Eve Merriam, A Word or Two with You: New Rhymes for Young Readers -
The Creation of Atoms and Stars -
Holt, Rinehart & Winston
School and Me, Holt -
Rinehart & Winston

Ghost illustration for Rosemary Wells:

Doris's Dinosaur - Hyperion - Rosemary Wells
The Secret Valentine - Hyperion - Rosemary Wells
The Secret Birthday
- Hyperion - Rosemary Wells

Ghost illustration for Mercer Mayer:

My Big Sister - Golden - Mercer Mayer
What A Bad Dream - Golden - Mercer Mayer
Where is Frog? - Golden - Mercer Mayer
Hansel & Gretel - Golden - Mercer Mayer
Little Red Riding Hood - Golden- Mercer Mayer
Just A Thunderstorm - Golden - Mercer Mayer
Just Me & My Bicycle -Golden - Mercer Mayer
The Loose Tooth - Green Frog - Mercer Mayer
I Said I Was Sorry - Green Frog - Mercer Mayer
Just a Magic Trick - Golden - Mercer Mayer
Just A Pirate - Golden - Mercer Mayer
Just Too Little
- Golden - Mercer Mayer

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