Welcome to the studio tour... I hope you like shelves.

I work at home - which has its advantages and drawbacks.

Ivory Tower or Padded Cell? It changes from day to day...

My studio window looks out above this porch.

Just now its all a-bloom with summer, but on most days its a brooding grey sky with a chance of rain... this is Seattle after all.

My studio is an upstairs room with two sets of gable end windows and lots of funny angles from the slanting roof.

The cedar cupboard and home made shelves hold finish art, cut paper, and current pieces I'm working on.















The drawing desk and the computer desk... a very crowded space.

The paints are acrylics. I also use watercolor and often use gouche for highlights.

I use artpens, dip pens, technical pens with all kinds of inks... full strength and diluted... brown, blue, black - whatever works.



The other gable is the digital side of my studio, where the trusty Mac Pro humms away, a lifeline to the world.

Communication with clients is via e-mail now.

I think Adobe Creative Suite and digital tools easily increase my productivity by 30%.


My home-made printer stand for the two printers.

The Epson 2200 printer is for printing out linework onto watercolor paper. It gives amazing results... much better than tracing through a lightbox.

The Canon 9000 is great for everyday printing... very fast output and inexpensive ink (that I refill myself).


I can't draw or paint without music it seems. But it has to be quiet when I write... so I often go days without any music at all.

Also visible is the 'mailing & shipping' department. The fax machine has become obsolete, replaced by the PDF.

The tapes have been largely replaced by online radio and the mp3. The shipping is mostly obsolete now too.

How times change!


My homemade cupboard... the latest in modern plywood design.

It's a little plain, but it works great. There's a hodgepodge of art supplies in the upper shelves.

The lower shelves hold big sheets of watercolor paper.

I'm never quite sure what's in there.

Art-junk from years past.



The bulletin board... of course.

Home to little mementos from ideas past... favorite drawings, sketches for new ideas & new characters.

I think of it as indispensible clutter.


And don't forget the artiste.

Here I am soaking up a little inspiration overlooking picturesque Puget Sound.



And don't forget the studio cat.

Here she is pondering the mystery of life... striking picturesque poses all day long. Perhaps she's wondering if she really ought to switch to 'less active cat' formula or not.


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